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Applying the Ten Commandments Today

  • The Rev. Bob Dannals
  • Nov 08, 2017
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God’s essential character and God’s imperatives for human life in this world were made powerfully real in the Sinai desert about 1300 B.C. Moses received God’s first speech and consensus in the Ten Commandments. They are, of course, more than commandments. They are the palpable breakthrough of the attributes, the promise and the will of God into the journey of our daily lives. They point us beyond themselves to the One who stands behind them, the author of life.

During the months of this fall, we have been making our way through these Commandments. Drawing on the texts of the Commandments as they appear in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 as a whole-fabric document and using contemporary lenses of interpretation and application, we’re discovering afresh how these imperatives guide and inform us in today’s complex world.

Join us for the next two Sundays — which will conclude this series, looking this week at “Respecting God’s Resources” and on November 19 “Respect for Truth and Honesty.”

Bob Dannals