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Come Celebrate

  • The Rev. Bob Dannals
  • Oct 25, 2017
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While listening to National Public Radio last month, I heard a wonderful feature story about a cheese sandwich. The “wonderful” part is that this cheese sandwich was almost seventy years old. It seems the sandwich was found by an elderly British gentleman inside the stuffing of his elderly couch. He speculated that the person building the couch was eating lunch on the job and either forgot or lost the sandwich during the process. Miraculously, the bread and cheese slowly fossilized instead of molding and rotting, preserving it intact — but leathery and devoid of any nourishment. As we live into another fall and as Holy Innocent’s continues to make its way through transition, what nourishes us? Has our parish life been buried inside an overstuffed, busy life so long it has fossilized and no longer provides nourishment?

Our lives are busy and in transition, but God is not. In many ways, this interim time between rectors allows, even requires, more lay leadership, more understanding, more patience, more soul-searching, more listening, more giving, more desire for faith and discipleship to be real and alive and vibrant and relevant — not fossilized and merely nostalgic. We celebrate each Sunday that Jesus is our past, present and future. Our worship and celebration of the Eucharist signifies what we hope our church will be: an offering and hymn of praise to the Creator, a united community in the body of Christ, and a place where we are equipped through the Holy Spirit to serve and give with compassion and joy.

We have much to celebrate. Our community thrives when we expect the best from each other, when we give and give, and give some more, when we trust our own capacity to make a difference and when we welcome Christ’s presence among us.

So, come celebrate!

Bob Dannals