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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

You are, we hope, and two former rectors -- Bob Johnson and Joe Reynolds -- at least two former associate clergy -- John Porter and Martha Sterne -- a former deacon -- Jackie Watt, and many laity who consider Holy Innocents' their "home."

What's the occasion? A good old fashioned Homecoming.

On Sunday, September 24, we are inviting the whole gang back to Holy Innocents' -- those who once served here; those who were members, but moved away; those who went to another church, but want to come back, at least for a Sunday; those who have been staying away, but you'd like to put your toe back in the water; those who have been here all along, you've remained steady and regular; and, those who are new, those who recently decided to make this parish their home.

In addition to a combined service at 10am (9am and 11:15am will combine themselves into one, and we'll still have the 8am and 6pm services that day), which will include special music, traditional hymns, Eucharist, Confirmation, and our special preacher, the Rt. Rev. Bob Johnson. We will also have an old-fashioned "Dinner on the Grounds." The fare will include fried chicken, beverages, and ice cream from the barrel: you are asked to bring a side, a salad or a dessert -- enough to feed 10. There will be activities for children and youth.

Part of what we do as a congregation is to guard our history, promoting what G.K. Chesterton called "The democracy of those who've gone before us, giving voice to the most forgotten of all classes, our ancestors." To remember and promote our history is to anticipate God's leading in the future.

So, mark your calendars and plan on joining us on Sunday, September 24.

Bob Dannals

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