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Holy Ground

  • The Rev. Bob Dannals
  • Jan 24, 2018
  • Category: Lent
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The Holy Innocents’ campus is holy ground! In local and incarnational ways we live in the lineage of Moses when he perceived the call of God in the burning bush and realized that the ground on which he stood was deemed holy — because it was soaked with the presence and actions of God. Thus, nothing we inherit or think we’ve earned and deserved, including our wonderful buildings, is “holy,” save God’s penetrating grace and claims on us and our mission.

Holy is the important word to remember as we approach the coming season of Lent, and it’s also the operative word when this parish contemplates the new chapters that will be forged by a new rector and the many talented lay people, associate clergy and staff of this parish. To call something holy is to designate it as set apart.

We set aside a season to remember the journey of Jesus to the cross and beyond to resurrection. We pray over bread and wine, setting it apart as God’s special food. We graft new people into the Body, symbolically washing them as set apart in Holy Baptism. And Search Committees and Vestries choose and elect clergy to be set apart as rectors of parishes.

A holy place and holy ground is more than buildings and a yard. It is also the spirit within. For the past several months I have been seeing the reality of what the parish profile says: The energy and animation of this parish is as wonderful as its facilities. These gifts will be very special indeed as you prepare to call and welcome your new rector. In the meantime, we’ll experience a bit of that same holiness as we begin Lent, starting with Ash Wednesday on February 14. Join us!

Bob Dannals