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What is a Parish?

What is a parish? What is the Parish of Holy Innocents’?

A parish — any parish — is the place where the people of God, the Body of Christ, agree to live in a faith community by coming together for the communal worship of God. But it’s more...

It’s the place where life itself is mirrored as we pray together, play together, struggle to know and do God’s will together — where we work together in ways that are possible only in the shadow of the cross and in the light of Easter morning.

It’s the place where we are brought when we are born and where we are brought when we die — and where, in the time between, we gather over and over with our friends, and with those who are not yet our friends, to celebrate our very life.

For all its imperfections, for all the pettiness, shortsightedness, and, yes, fickleness, we can bring to it, the parish is the closest we can come to the kingdom of God as it exists now in various outposts like Holy Innocents’.

While it’s true that Jesus did not call for expensive physical plants, he did call the church into being — and even now uses our facilities, our energies, our sense of stewardship, and our acts of service to spread the gospel to all the world, beginning here.

Since we all live in a particular time and place, we come together with people who share that time and place and who share our sense of having been touched by the love of God. That gathering spot is the parish church, for us on the corner of Powers Ferry Road and Mt. Vernon Highway.

See you in church, where this all starts.

Bob Dannals

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Peggy Stapleton on Oct 21, 2017 11:09am

once again, Bob, you NAILED it. I will send to as many people as I can.
Thank you