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Winning the Lottery

  • The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray
  • Jul 23, 2018
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I don’t play the lottery. I make semi-regular donations to the education funds of the State of Georgia. Actually, Jessie and I only buy one ticket for the lottery when the total climbs over $100 million. I would of course accept a jackpot for less. It is not a retirement strategy or an investment plan. I like to buy a ticket to dream of the ways it could impact the communities and programs that I love. If I said all of them were charitable I would be lying. All of that said, I buy a ticket to dream of the fun things that I could do with my family, the ways that I could transform my church (both national and local), and the quick and immediate impact I could have on groups in need.

Here is the reality check of course. I have already won the lottery. I have the privilege of being born into one of the greatest countries in the world. I have a happy and healthy family. I have the joy of servicing a community that wants to grow and engage God’s kingdom on earth. I have everything I need to change the world for the better. I mean it. We have all that we need to grow, thrive, and transform Sandy Springs and Atlanta for the better.

Jesus asked a group of fishermen, tax collectors, and zealots to start a movement. They had no training of which we know. They have little to no resources. They simply wanted to go and do it. We have a great deal more than Peter, James, and John in terms of resources, theology, history, tradition, and scripture. We have the will to try. We don’t need to buy that ticket to the lottery. We have already won. Let’s see what we can do by going out and changing the world together with Christ.