Children's Formation


Children's Formation

Registration for Children's Sunday School Classes!

Registration has started for Children’s 2017-2018 Sunday School classes!  If you did not receive information in the mail, please contact the church office. Also, we are looking for volunteers to sign up as rotation leaders and supply helpers. If you would like to sign up or if you have questions, please click here!

The Children’s Ministry at Holy Innocents’ provides a safe, clean, and comfortable environment where children can feel loved and cared for. The mission of this ministry is to create a space for our children to GLOW: Grow in their faith, Love their neighbor, and become Open to God’s Word.

There are many wonderful opportunities for learning and fellowship for children at Holy Innocents’. We offer nursery care during Sunday morning worship, Sunday School classes for children from age 3 through 5th grade, children’s choirs beginning at age 3. (For information on our music programs for children, see the Music section of the website.)

We also offer special events designed for children which occur throughout the year: children’s programs at the parish retreat at Kanuga, the pet blessing service on the feast day of St. Francis in October, the visit from St. Nicholas, annual Christmas Pageant, family Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services, and Vacation Bible School. More information can be found for each age group below:


The spiritual life of a child is a wonderful thing to observe and be a part of; thanks for sharing your child with us! Formation begins at birth and we do our best to nurture even our smallest and youngest. So the curriculum and materials we use are designed specifically for the preschool aged child.  Each week is filled with stories games, music, and age appropriate crafts.

Coming to Sunday school is a great habit and one we hope you and your child will develop!

Invitation to Wonder

Wonder is the greatest expression of a child's understanding of God and God’s hand at work in the world.

The space we envision for the youngest children encourages wonder. The careful telling of scripture stories, engaging story figures and supporting activities all encourage children to seek and find answers to their faith, relying on their inner teacher – the Holy Spirit. We are working to create sacred space that nurtures the spiritual being within each child. We learn to observe and develop the power of silence. This is in contrast to the world around us. Silence teaches us all to hear God. Silence is a sacred gift and an opportunity to enter into God’s presence.

Workshop Rotation (1st- 5th)

Workshop rotations or cycles is an innovative way to experience Sunday School that takes seriously the spiritual development of children while providing exciting activities to engage a new level of learning and retention. “Rotation model” means that children work on the same story or concept for several weeks, using different learning approaches in each workshop room they visit.

Some of the highlights of this model are:

- It is fun for children and practical for our busy volunteers
- It uses multiple learning styles to appeal to many different children
- It offers several weeks to learn & internalize biblical story concepts
- It allows MANY adults to interact with children on short-term basis
- It affords continuity for children who can’t attend every Sunday
- It is an educationally sound teaching method – involving all 5 senses & total spirit of the child

(To Purchase a Bible for Sunday School Click Here)