Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

"I give you a new commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 13:34

Holy Spirit living within us, guide our hearts and minds as we welcome today all those who worship with us at Holy Innocents’. Give us discerning hearts so that every one who crosses our threshold feels welcomed in the spirit of your love.  Help us recognize each as one sent by you who will enrich our lives. Let this be a place of love and acceptance for all your children; in the name the One who welcomes all, Jesus. AMEN

Pastoral Care

Through the Pastoral Care Ministries of Holy Innocents’ we seek to restore the compassionate and connected lives for which we are all created.  For us the new commandment – to love one another as Christ loves us – is to be lived out again and again every new day.

We encourage all members of Holy Innocents’ to be active in Pastoral Care by:

- Calling the church and notifying one of the Clergy, Melody McNeil, the Assistant for Pastoral Care, or the church office when you or your family member goes into the hospital or is in need of pastoral care

- Offering names for ongoing intercessory prayer through filling out the form in the pew or contacting Melody McNeil.

- Calling the Priest-on-Call (404-255-4023, #2) when a death or emergency occurs in your family.

- If you or someone you love is homebound or unable to participate in church activities and would like communion or a visit from one of our clergy, lay Eucharistic visitors, or pastoral visitors, please contact Melody McNeil, Admin. Assistant for Pastoral Care.