Prayer Circles


Prayer Circles

Extending Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church: Representing Christ in the World

A little different from Noah’s grouping of 2 x 2, prayer circles at Holy Innocents’ begin as 5 x 5 x 5:

  • 5 prayer circles
  • 5 members per circle
  • 5 persons per week for whom intercessions are made by each member of the Circle

Number of circles can (and, ideally, will) expand to infinity

Each circle has a Prayer Circle facilitator.  The facilitator is responsible for—

  • Weekly contact with each Prayer Circle member
  • Communicates names and needs of individuals requesting intercessory prayer
  • Communicates updates to members as necessary
  • Mid-week contact with church to receive updates and names of individuals

Prayer Circles can be identified by name of facilitator, a designated group color, or a circle name chosen by the originating members.

Prayer Circle members

  • are essential to the life, health, and well-being of the Church at large
  • commit to a regular, daily, faithful discipline of intercession
  • commit to confidentiality—names and issues not shared, unless specifically requested by the person seeking prayer
  • may pray wherever they are, at whatever time is right/best for the individual

commit to daily devotion and weekly worship, whether worship is at church, from home, or elsewhere  (Note: HIEC records weekly sermons for listening; Lay Eucharistic Visitors offer Word and Sacrament for our extended church family, beyond church walls).