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Something Holy, Something Right!

Nov 08, 2012

As most people know we have recently moved into our new space at Holy Innocents. It has been a fun process full of learning what goes where and how to get to what. Not a day seems to go by that we do not learn something new or something quirky ...

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Prayer or where watching network television may lead

Nov 01, 2012

Prayer or where watching network television may lead Last week I happened to spend the evening watching network television.  It isn’t the entertainment value of an hour spent on my couch or even a confession of time unwisely spent. ...

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What are you noticing in your life?

Oct 23, 2012

I recently ran across a note I had written to a young person on her sixteenth birthday.  Her parents had contacted people close to their family and asked us to send her a letter with a few truths we trust.  Here is what I came up ...

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A Drop in the Ocean

Oct 09, 2012

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to hear the Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge, England in concert at our own Cathedral of St. Philip. It was a splendid event; the Cathedral was filled beyond capacity for the first time in recent ...

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