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Summer Update from the Warden Team

Summer usually has the reputation of being a slower time than the rest of the year yet that theory does not hold when it comes to Holy Innocents during this period of transition. Much has happened over the summer, and we are pleased to share just a few updates on major accomplishments:

  • PARISH PROFILE AND SEARCH: The profile committee continued at rapid pace with taking the Holy Cow survey results and transferring those into a written narrative to tell the story of HIEC and our desires for a new rector.  The profile layout has been completed and is on its way to the Bishop for his review and approval.  An online position profile required by the Office of Transitional Ministry (OTM) is almost completed and will be uploaded into the national search database along with our profile in early September. The OTM will receive applications for approximately one month and then the true work of the Nominating Comittee begins. We will notify the parish when the profile is published online.
  • SPACE SHARING AGREEMENT WITH HIES: A mutually beneficial arrangement between HIEC and HIES has been reached to allow the School to use the Parish Hall and the adjacent classrooms for some classes (e.g., drama, orchestra, etc) during the school week.  HIEC Children’s Formation on Sundays will benefit from new paint and new carpet and more. Special thanks to parishioner Bryan Thomas for his leadership on this agreement.
  • SUNDAY BREAKFASTS: These gatherings were a big hit and very well attended each week. Vestry member, Bill Clark spearheaded these and our thanks to him and to each and every group and family that hosted.  You cannot go wrong with cheese grits and sausage casserole!
  • THE ALTAR GUILD: Our altar guild once again provided their gracious service for the HIES convocation this Tuesday.  Taking all of the items needed to host a Eucharist for close to 1400 participants in the HIES gym is a mammoth undertaking and did not go unnoticed.  Thank you all for your service on Sundays and weekdays.
  • NEW STAFF MEMBERS: There were several staffing changes this summer and the addition of Kia, Jess, and Megan have already benefited the parish.  Please welcome each of them if you have not already done so!
  • INVITE/ WELCOME/ CONNECT: IWC kicked off this weekend and will be a new addition to the good work already in place by our newcomer committee. The parish survey results clearly stated that bringing in newcomers was a top priority and this program aims to do just that. Please plan on joining the fun and extending the HIEC radical hospitality that we hold so dear to our identity.

We could take an entire newsletter to thank each parishioner who gives time to make HIEC a place of light, love, and service.  If you give, please know that you are thanked. If you want to give, please know there is a place for you to scan the announcements and see what makes sense for you. We thank you and appreciate your presence with us.

Elaine Morgan
Marie Thomas

Comments (2)

Mary Marvin Walter on Sep 2, 2017 1:54pm

Well said, Elaine and Marie! Thanks for all that you and the vestry do!

Karen on Sep 5, 2017 2:51pm

We appreciate you both as well! Thank you for your leadership.