We are Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church and our missional work in the world is focused on making Sandy Springs, and all of Georgia, a holier place for all God’s children to live, to learn, and to thrive. We do this by challenging our ourselves (and our city) to grow deeper in our awareness of issues related to the Holy Innocents of Our Day and by becoming more prophetic in our response on their behalf.

Since 1872 Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church has had children at the heart of its mission. From our beginnings as a mission to widows and orphans of the Civil War to our present day status as the host to the largest K-12 parish-based Episcopal School in the country, children most definitely matter.

Who were the Holy Innocents?

The Holy Innocents are considered to be some of the first of those to be martyred during the reign of Herod. Threatened by the magi’s telling of a child who would challenge his empire, the Gospel of Matthew’s account tells of Herod having the first born male of every family in vicinity of Bethlehem killed. While the exact number of innocents martyred varies, what echoes most true is this: whenever the power of the empire is challenged, it is very often the children in a society that become victims of maintaining the status quo.

Who are the Holy Innocents of Our Day?

The Holy Innocents of Our Day are children who continue to fall victim to overt and subversive violence in Sandy Springs and all of Georgia. We have specifically identified three areas where we will make a difference on behalf of all God’s children. These areas include: Living (challenging overt violence and exploitation of children); Learning (empowering all God’s children for full lives of learning); Thriving (working to find and feed the whole child in families).

As Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, an episcopal church claimed by the Holy Innocents of Our Day, we are dedicated to making our city and state a holier place for children to live, to learn, and to thrive. Please consider joining us in this prophetic work! 

Are you ready to make Sandy Springs and Georgia a holier place for ALL of God’s children?

You can get involved in our work with and on behalf of children by helping us through Honoring the Holy Innocents of Our Day, Caring for the Carers, and Becoming an Advocate for the Innocent.


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