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Due to health concerns surrounding COVID-19, our Rector and the leadership of Holy Innocents have decided to close the church through May 24. Read our Rector's most recent letter to the congregation concerning our upcoming Palm Sunday and Holy Week online services at HI by clicking the button below.

letter from the rector

We also humbly ask our community to continue to give to the church via pledge gifts, as you are able. Your gifts help to sustain our church and the work we continue to do.

Click here to GIVE

RESOURCES FOR OUR TIME AT HOME: Holy Innocents has put together a one stop shop of online resources for you in your time at home ranging from spiritual to musical and healthcare links from around the web. Look through by clicking HERE

ONLINE SUNDAY WORSHIP: As a way to keep connected to our community during our time away from the church, we will offer a virtual worship service on Sundays. Join us live on Facebook at 10AM or watch whenever is convenient! These videos will be uploaded to Facebook and Youtube so that anyone can watch and participate.

PLEASE NOTE!: We have set up a digital version of this coming Easter Sunday bulletin. To view or to print, please click HERE

CHILDREN'S CHAPEL: Though we are far from Christ Chapel at the moment, we'd like to invite our little ones and parents to join Ms. Renee online as she uploads Sunday lessons! Check out our Youtube playlist by clicking HERE Don't forget to check Ms. Renee's Google Classroom for printables and other notes for the week by clicking HERE

SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR OUR YOUTH: Our youth are invited to tune in for virtual Sunday school lessons with Megan. Continue to read through the Bible and learn about our Lord from the comfort of your couch! For our Youtube playlist, click HERE

 We invite our community, family, friends, and neighbors to worship with us during this sacred season as we walk the way of the cross through Holy Week to Easter Sunday. Read more about our Holy Week plans by clicking HERE

VIRTUAL PRAYER GATHERINGS: Holy Innocents invites our congregation to join us for morning prayer Monday - Friday at 9AM. These videos will be available to watch on Facebook and Youtube so that anyone can participate. Join us!

PLEASE NOTE!: We have set up a morning prayer bulletin for use Monday through Thursday of Holy Week. View and print by clicking HERE

FINANCIAL NEWS AT HIEC: We hope that all members of the Holy Innocents' community are staying safe and healthy! Thank you to the many of you who are continuing to financially support Holy Innocents during this unsettling time.  We are so appreciative of our wonderful parishioners, especially when you are unable to attend church in person, and we hope that you are finding some comfort in worshiping with us online. We have received checks (which I am fortunately able to receive everyday) and also online donations, which we hope continues.  For the month of March through March 30, we received $122,601 of income comprised of the following: pledges $115,742, unpledged donations $4,814, and loose plate $1,460. We are so appreciative to have received $74,635 in the last two weeks of March even though the church could not hold physical services.  Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions about church finances, please contact Caroline Fleming at  .  Please stay safe at home.  We continue to pray for you, your family, and our community.

 Children and youth are invited to chat with Megan via Zoom during our time of social distancing!  Sign up for an online check-in and chat session with our friend by clicking HERE

CHILDREN'S BIBLE STUDY: Join Ms. Renee every Wednesday for a Bible Study lesson specifically geared for young minds! This is a weekly series of videos that will be available for your kids to watch and learn from the comfort of their home. Check out our playlist by clicking HERE 

IMPORTANT!: Don't forget to check Ms. Renee's Google Classroom for printables and other notes for the week by clicking HERE

YOUTH MIDWEEK DEVOTIONAL: During these uncertain times of quarantine and the coronavirus, we invite our youth to join our friend Megan Petenbrink for a midweek devotional. Take a moment to unwind and reflect with Meg! Videos are uploaded to Youtube every Wednesday, so tune in on HI's channel by clicking HERE
Contact: Megan Petenbrink

We are making cards for hospital workers, police, firefighters, and everyone who is working extra hard to get us through this difficult time. Create your card or thank you note, take a picture, and send it to Ms.Renee via email. We are compiling these into a video to share!  Let’s set a goal to collect 100 cards!
Contact: Renee Stephens

CHILDREN'S GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Children PreK-5th grade are invited to join our google classroom! Covid-19 has caused a huge disruption to our schedules and traditions but we want to regain some normalcy and stay connected to each other and our faith.  In our children’s ministry classroom you'll find materials to have chapel and Sunday school from the comfort of your home plus other fun things to keep us encouraged in Christ. Go to classroom.google.com and enter class code ly3f4ha to get connected. Log in at least once a week and scroll through the “stream” to see what’s been added!
Contact: Renee Stephens

EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS: HIEC has strong and long time ties with CAC, and with so much uncertainty during this time of Covid-19, this is a worthy institution to donate to. You can find their giving page and more info on how they are helping the our community by clicking HERE

EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS PART 2: There is an ongoing need for donations of blood and plasma during the Covid-19 outbreak. If you are willing and able, please donate and help save a life. More info HERE



The Ventulett Gallery, at Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, is named for parishioner, architect, and artist Tom Ventulett. Designed by Ventulett as part of the church's 2012 renovation, the gallery has become a showcase for local and regional talent. Our curator and committee continue to engage artists well in advance, making The Ventulett Gallery a most sought after venue in the Sandy Springs area. We are proud to be able to donate proceeds from the gallery fee to local and international outreach organizations.

Sign up for our Ventulett mailing list by clicking HERE
Visit the Ventulett Gallery website by clicking here

Please contact Melody McNeil with prayer requests. Names may remain on the Parish Prayer List for four weeks, and if requested are placed on the Intercessory Prayer List.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN NEED OF HEALING: Comfort and heal all those who are sick or who suffer in body, mind, or spirit including Laura Martin, Margaret Gardner, Shiranne Simmons, Estelle Scott, Ron Gill, Lee Schwieger, Karen Steanson, Jane Chandler, Michael Knight, friends of parishioners including SSawyer Josey, Nancy Woodward, friend of Helen Johnson, Phil Pressly, brother of Frank Pressly, Kevin O’Neill, friend of Linda Foster, Joe Watkins, friend of Libby Lindsay, Carol Lyden Foulkes, sister of Patricia Bingham, Alex Brady, Jen Giliberto, friend of Greg Binney, Clinton Goode, grandson of Frances Richardson, Steve Ernst, brother of Mike Ernst, Jan Sutton, mother of Steve Kibler, Mary Beth Totten, friend of Mike Shortal, Peter Hoffman, friend of Mary Vaughan, Avery Stamps and family, friends of Nora McGee, John O’Brien, brother in law of Judy Kirkman, Eudelle Paul, mother of Rusty Paul, Lee Flowers, great nephew of Buddy Crawford, Bobby Calabrese, Betty Creekmuir, mother of Bill Creekmuir, Diane and Regina Fletcher, friends of Mary Vaughan, Tony Dickson, friend of Marilyn and Jack Courtnay, John Thompson, brother in law of Peter and Elizabeth Baylis, Richard Dubis, friend of Nancy Warner, Angela Shropshire, friend of Nancy Tiegreen, Jovan and Othine Garner, parents of Alesa McArthur, Mariah Nunn, mother of Toni Nunn, Ginny, mother of Joy Savula, Carolyn Binney, aunt of Greg Binney, Richard Burge, friend of Joe and Anne Sullivan, Kate Harlan, friend of Kathie Larkin, Andras-Thomas family, friends of Kathie Larkin, Pat Thomson, friend of Kathie Larkin, Ann, friend of Connie Davison, Tim Thompson, son of Elizabeth Thompson, Gus Croom, friend of Lynn Crovatt, Muriel Jones, friend of Mary Vaughan; and those receiving communion at home.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY: Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women serving our nation at home and abroad including those in service to our country: Brandon Rudder, Steven Leforge, Sean Graham, Charles Norris, Vaughn Moore, and Thomas Webber. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED: We commend to your mercy all who have died including the Holy Innocents of our day, that your will for them may be fulfilled, and we pray that we may share with all of your saints in your eternal kingdom.

Loving and gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of life and the gift of love, and for placing in our lives people with whom to share your love, especially those who are celebrating birthdays today and in the coming month:

(4/1) Katherine Ackerman, Glenn Summerlin, Reginald Williamson (4/2) Frances Creekmuir, Lillian Glass, Maidee Spencer (4/3) Abigail Langlais, Carol Thomas (4/4) James Barton, Sandra Bentz, Patricia Harris, Ronald King, Davis Smith (4/5) Susan Abbott, William Ediger, Erin Glass, Judith Kirkman, Hannah Moore, Eleanor Peery, Spencer Reagan, Olivia Stockert (4/6) Meghan Barrett, Herbert Hasell, Kara Hill-Protos, Tyler Spitzer (4/7) Ruth Aaron, Kathryn Brey, Janet Clark, James Daniel, Madeleine Fluke, Melissa Freeman, John Mason, Katherine Stewart, Robert Uiterwyk

(4/8) George Cook, Harper Rawley, Pam Saussy, Edward Smith, Elizabeth Stewart (4/9) Harry Boone, Taylor Ediger, Evangeline Kershaw, Barrett Smith, Charyl Webber (4/10) Indiana Kiley, Megan McKinstry, Emily Paul, Karen Taylor, Eleanor Webber (4/11) Anne Kallis, Christopher Reading, Albert Vacca, Lydia Williams (4/12) William Brown (4/13) Julie Howard

(4/14) Shea Griffith, Christine Palladino, Karen Rolader (4/15) David Burns, Christopher Orsey, Michael Stewart, Allen Wallace (4/16) William Aaron, Harry Foster, John Foster, Ruth Gratzke, Joseph Mitchell, Thaddeus North, Kelly Reagan, Shiranne Simmons, Frederick Simmons (4/17) Margaret Boone, Virginia King, Rebecca Rieder, Catherine Ryan, Michael Shelly, Kendall Tosh, William Willis (4/18) Mallory Ader, Maria Carter, Peter Vaky, Leesa Webber (4/19) Robert Crosby, Lisa Loux, Addison Saylor, Angelina Saylor, James Scarborough (4/20) Locke Coleman, Jacquelyn Kaltenbach, Wallis Kaltenbach, Ann Kieffer, Daniel Pribliski, Charles Wingo (4/21) Benjamin Brown, Andrea Langley

(4/22) Richard Spitzer (4/23) Ellison Losin, Emma Losin, Melisa Rathburn (4/24) Anna Gates, John Porter (4/25) Natalie Glaze, William Harris, Talia Russell, Anna Webb (4/26) Scott Cook, Donald Day, Ellis Gale, Eleanor Hopkins, Judy Hoyt, Edly Ortman, Keith Propst (4/27) Cameron Ives, Pickens Lindsay, Nancy McAlister, Lyla Webb, Robin Whitaker (4/28) Lila Best, Ginny Black, Merry Crouch, Sam Evans, David Stockert, Kristi Wooten (4/29) Laura Foster (4/30) Michelle Driscoll, Joscelyn Peters, David Taylor, Clarence Tosh