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Thanks and May God Be With You

The Rev. Dr. Bob DAnnals

How do Valerie and I adequately tell you what is in our hearts as I write this goodbye note? How do we sum up the myriad of experiences that have been ours during this short interim period of thirteen months?

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Join us in Bishop Commons after the 9:00am service for a send off breakfast for Bob and Valerie Dannals. We will sorely miss them here at Holy Innocents’ and would love to have a celebration  in their honor. We hope to see you there!

UPDATE FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating Committee for the New Rector Search for HIEC is pleased to report that we have completed our application evaluation. We have been blessed with a truly outstanding group of candidates. The parish visits were completed in January. The Committee then reconvened. All of us had the opportunity to listen to sermons preached by the priests, and after much conversation and prayer, we agreed on a subset of those priests to invite to visit Holy Innocents’  so the Committee could meet the candidates and the candidates could visit our church and see Sandy Springs. We are in the process of arranging said visits. Following this we will meet again to finalize the candidates. At that point we will present to the Vestry a slate of candidates, any of whom we believe would be an excellent fit with our parish. We once again express our deepest thanks and appreciation to the Parish Profile Committee for all of the groundwork they did in getting us to this point. We have drawn heavily on that document to guide us in this journey. We also wish to express thanks to the Vestry for all of their efforts on our behalf. We ask for your continued prayers and support as we move forward in this mutual discernment process.

Our Lenten Reflections booklet has been made a reality, and it's all thanks to the members and staff of our church. Take a look at the digital version by clicking HERE

YOUTH FINANCIAL NEWS: Throughout this school year, the youth have participated in several fundraisers designated for supporting programming and preparing for a mission trip in the summer of 2019. The first fundraiser was the selling of Christmas trees throughout the months of October-December, which resulted in a profit of $1,065. The youth also had a second fundraiser in December, the Advent breakfast, which resulted in a profit of $941.81. This meant the youth raised $2,006.81 before January 2018. In January, the youth went on their annual ski trip to West Virginia, which cost a total of $10,920. The youth were charged a base cost of $370/youth with additional charges for lessons and rentals. The total from the youth came to $11,993, therefore resulting in a profit from the trip of $1,073 which is in the youth designated. Lastly in February, the youth held the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, resulting in a profit of $1,157.72. The total for the fundraising projects of $3,164.53 will remain in a youth fundraising designated account. These funds and future fundraising profits will be in that fundraising account and used only for future youth programming and the 2019 mission trip.

ADULT FORMATION & FAITH FORUMS: Join us for interesting and engaging classes for our community on Sunday mornings from 10:10am - 11:00am. To check out our newest offerings, click HERE

The Men of Holy Innocents’ annual retreat will be held April 13-15 at Lake Logan Episcopal Center in the mountains of western North Carolina. The retreat will be led by The Very Rev. Canon Lang Lowrey, of the Diocese of Atlanta, and will be a great opportunity for relaxation, camaraderie, as well as a fascinating discussion on Trinitarian pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit) and how God works in our daily lives. For more info and to sign-up, click HERE
Contact: John Harris

VBS SAVE THE DATE:  Mark your calendars for this year's Vacation Bible School which will be June 4-8 for rising k-5th graders. We can't wait to have your kids join us this summer. To sign up, click HERE

#LOVEYOURSELFIE LOCK-IN: The Middle and High school girls are invited to a lock-in at the church on starting on Friday, March 23 at 7:00pm and ending the next day at 10:00am in Frost Youth Center. This weekend will focus on power and independence as well as fun! We will take a self-defense class, learn about body image, watch movies, eat junk food, and have a blast. This will be the ultimate girl's weekend so don't miss out. Invite your gal pals, too! To sign up, click HERE

SHOPPING PERIOD: Ever think about helping teach a Sunday school class or serving as a sub when teachers are out? Take advantage of a new program called the Shopping Period! Pick one or more children or youth classes to shadow as many times as you like during the months of February through May. Talk to the teachers, hang out with the kids, and see if this is something God is calling you to do. Email Megan to sign up!
Contact: Megan Petenbrink

YOUTH FORMATION SIGN-UP: This year is full of exciting offsite events for our youth! If you have a youth (ages 11-17) who is interested in attending any of these events or Sunday school, please download and print the form by clicking HERE! This permission is required for any offsite events throughout the year. Please fill it out now so you will not have to later on in the year!

BREAKFAST FOR HORIZON'S STUDENTS: Horizons students will be back on campus for Super Saturday on February 24. Sign up to help our students start the day right with hot breakfast! Drop off at HIES at 8:30am. Contact Karen Calhoun to volunteer.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas Gift Wrap project! Thanks to your generosity we raised just over $1000, which will cover summer field trips for 7 students. See you in December!
Contact: Karen Calhoun ( / 770-355-4805)

The Community Assistance Center (CAC) brings together the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody communities to provide compassionate assistance to neighbors in need by providing financial support, helping to meet basic needs and promoting self-reliance. There are many ways to contribute to CAC from volunteering time to taking part in food drive challenges! For more info, click HERE

Are you interested in serving others? Possible opportunities for you at Emmaus House include: serving meals, assisting with STEAM programs, reading to children, tutoring middle and high school students, and providing sandwiches and food pantry items for those in need. For more info, contact Rosalyn Devine!
Contact: Rosalyn Devine

BRING YOUR OFFERING FOR CAC: Every Sunday HIEC parishioners make donations of clothes and food for CAC. These donations are placed in the wicker offering baskets outside the Nave entrance before the 10am liturgy and presented with our offerings of bread, wine and pledges. Make this kind of giving a regular part of your worship at HIEC as we seek to make Sandy Springs a holier place for all God’s children. Donations are delivered to CAC each week by the Men of HI.

The Parish Choir will be joined by members of the Atlanta Symphony on Sunday, February 25 at 7:30pm in the Nave. This will be a meaningful musical offering for the Lenten season, so please join us!

CHILDREN'S & YOUTH CHOIR: Wednesday children and youth choir activities are in full effect at Holy Innocents', and we would love to have your kids take part in this fun and incredible formation. For more info and to view our schedule, click HERE!


MEN'S OTHER FRIDAYS BIBLE STUDY: Supplementing the Men of HIEC "3rd Fridays", the Men's Other Fridays Bible study is held on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and sometimes 5th Fridays in Frost Youth Center starting at 7:00am. Their next meeting will be February 23.

*** On Friday, March 2, the Other Fridays Bible Study will begin a new book entitled Stories Jesus Still Tells: The Parables by John Claypool. If you would like a copy, please contact Melody McNeil.
Contact: Melody McNeil

The Guild of Knitters meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 7:00pm-9:00pm. The Prayer Shawl Ministry offers a chance for service to others as well as a time for socializing! Their next meeting is on March 6. All skill levels are welcome :)
Contact: Kathie Larkin

The women's book club will meet on March 12 from 6:00pm-7:30pm in Bishop Commons to discuss the book Desert Queen - Life of Gertrude Bell by Janet Wallach. We hope you will join us for in depth discussions and good company!
Contact: Rosie Bullard

MEN'S DINNER AND A BOOK: The next Men's Dinner and a Book meeting is March 13 from 6:30pm-9:00pm to discuss The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. For more info, please contact Jeremy Webber.
Contact: Jeremy Webber

The next meeting will be Friday, March 16 from 7:00am-8:15am. Coffee, biscuits, fellowship, and discussion in Frost Youth Center. A different topic will be covered each month. This is a great way to connect with other guys in the parish.

ST. MONICA’S GUILD: The women of St. Monica’s will meet Tuesday, March 20  at 10:30am in Inglett Hall for their monthly meeting. Join the oldest guild at Holy Innocents’ for a delicious lunch.
Contact: Carolyn Yost

The Women's Wisdom Circle meets on Monday mornings from 8:30am-9:45am in Inglett Hall, so please join us! This is the way to begin your week with quiet, insightful sharing, and frequent laughter.  To subscribe to our blog, click HERE!  For additional information, contact Mary Marvin ( ).
Contact: Mary Marvin Walter

BROWN BAG BIBLE STUDY: The Brown Bag Bible Study continues to meet on Mondays (no meeting when the church office is closed) at noon in the large conference room. Each week’s lesson is a stand alone unit; bring a lunch and join us when you can!
Contact: Betty Barstow or Karen Calhoun


The Ventulett Gallery, at Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, is named for parishioner, architect, and artist Tom Ventulett. Designed by Ventulett as part of the church's 2012 renovation, The Ventulett Gallery has become a showcase for local and regional talent. Curator Susan Westmoreland and her committee consisting of Judie Jacobs, Peggy Stapleton and Clara Blalock, continue to engage artists well in advance, making The Ventulett Gallery a most sought after venue in the Sandy Springs area. We are proud to be able to donate proceeds from the gallery fee to the following organizations: CAC (Community Assistance Center)Episcopal Relief & Development, and the School at Matthieu, Haiti.

Visit the Ventulett Gallery website for more information by clicking here


Please contact Melody McNeil with prayer requests. Names may remain on the Parish Prayer List for four weeks, and if requested are placed on the Intercessory Prayer List.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN NEED OF HEALING: Comfort and heal all those who are sick or who suffer in body, mind, or spirit including Jean-Paul Richard, Jim Didriksen, Caryn Bains, Anne Habersetzer, Laura Martin, Marilyn Thomas, Kenneth Brown, Raymond White, Kathy MacDonell; friends and family including: Sawyer Josey, Ann and Tom Thompson, parents of Debbie Vaky, Ed and Mary Lou Jensen, parents of Carolyn Dwyer, Nancy Woodward, friend of Helen Johnson, Jay Duryea, father of Mindy Duryea, Phil Pressly, brother of Frank Pressly, Kevin O’Neill, friend of Linda Foster, Jeff Rogerson, friend of Charles Crosby, Jeffrey Hill, brother of Pete Hill, Joe Watkins, friend of Libby Lindsay, Joni House, Mary Jackson, sister of Liza Avery, Carol Lyden Foulkes, sister of Patricia Bingham, Janet Morgan, friend of Penny Kinsey, Lynette Washington, friend of Pamela McKinstry, Ruth Crook, mother of Scott Crook, Kris Tiegreen, niece of Alan and Nancy Tiegreen, and Butch Weaver, son-in-law of Carolyn Yost; and those receiving communion at home.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY: Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women serving our nation at home and abroad including those in service to our country: Harrison Plunkett, Brandon Rudder, Jack Boger, Steven Leforge, Sean Graham, and Charles Norris. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PRAYERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED: We commend to your mercy all who have died including Sarah Jane Prakken and the Holy Innocents of our day, that your will for them may be fulfilled, and we pray that we may share with all of your saints in your eternal kingdom.

Loving and gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of life and the gift of love, and for placing in our lives people with whom to share your love, especially those who are celebrating birthdays today and in the coming month:

(2/1)William Aaron, Robert Tucker (2/2) Clifford Hoffman (2/3) Mark Ballard, Elizabeth Garner, Charles Lybrook, Phillip McCrorie, Justin Moseley, Lawson Rhea, Kyle Young (2/4) Megan Crosbey, Robert Eanes, Elizabeth McElroy (2/6) Helen Allen, Judy Chandler, Stephen Taylor, Joseph Varner (2/7) Stefen Fatzinger, Bryan McGee, Elizabeth Stephenson

(2/8) Liza Mooney, Andrew Savula, Carole Shunnarah, Benjamin Trausch (2/9) Scott Ediger, Paul Hamill, Linda Sutter, Carolyn Yost (2/10) Beverly Dozier, Elizabeth Dozier, William Hollett, David Savula, Jack Walz (2/11) William Fanning, Briggs Peery, Donna Watkins (2/12) Clare Coyne, Vaughn Moore, Joan Plunkett (2/13) Alison Sugg (2/14) Rosalyn Devine, Erin McCall, Eric Otness, Joe Reynolds, Bernard Rolader, Ursula Simmons, Judy Sophianopoulos, Luke Thompson, Luciana Vacca, Carol Vacca

(2/15) Lynn Cornett, Colleen Grogan, Raymond Hart, Barbara Swann (2/16) Charles Mooney, Marc Schlachter, Harrison Young (2/17) Christopher Bell, Bentley Boger, Christopher Burnett, David Fluke, Teagan Johnson, Wesley Neece, Spencer Palladino (2/18) Brandon Booker, Cole McCall, Sean McArthy, Ryan Sokolowski (2/19) Judy Blumenau (2/20) R. Lee, Thomas Orton (2/21) Davis Esslinger, Mark Griffith, Chase Pellettieri

(2/22) Laurie Bradley, Paul Warley (2/23) Elizabeth Baylis, June Day, Elizabeth Harris, Robert Letzler (2/24) Mary Peterson, Thomas Wells (2/25) Colin Garner, Virginia Kirkland, Anne McCrystal (2/26) Nicholas Ader, Holly Chesser, Emily Kallis, Karen Kallis, William MacIntyre, Dyrc McLeod, Eric Travena, Robert Walker (2/27) Sharon Stribling (2/28) Emma Bell, Dabney Caldwell, James Devine, Anne-Marie Esslinger, Courtland Fanning, William Fanning, Kimberly Menefee, Daniel Palladino (2/29) Joseph Buford, Kit Reedy