Transition & Search


Transition & Search

Information and Updates regarding the search for the next Rector of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.

Our search process began after the departure of The Rev. Michael Sullivan. The Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals began his service as the Interim Rector of Holy Innocents episcopal church effective January 29, 2017. 

Please see below for a running "blog" with updates about the transition.


September 13, 2017

A milestone has been reached! The parish profile is completed and the search is now live. With the input of the parish, the profile committee produced a beautiful profile that was approved by Bishop Wright and is currently posted for candidates to review... READ MORE>


August 23, 2017

Summer usually has the reputation of being a slower time than the rest of the year yet that theory does not hold when it comes to Holy Innocents during this period of transition. Much has happened over the summer, and we are pleased to share just a few updates on major accomplishments... READ MORE>


Jan 25, 2017

Dear People of Holy Innocents', On behalf of my wife Valerie, I write with enthusiasm as we join you in Atlanta for the interim period. Thanks to the hospitality of the wardens, the welcome and commitment of the vestry, and the care and guiding ...READ MORE >

2017 Vestry Nominations

Dec 01, 2016

THANKS TO THE VESTRY NOMINATING COMMITTEE On behalf of the entire parish, we want to thank the Vestry Nominating Committee of Greg Binney, Johnny Foster, Rachel Shunnarah, and Andy Toledo, for their hard work. We received a large number of talented ...READ MORE >

From The Wardens: Transition Update

Oct 31, 2016

To the People of Holy Innocents, This time of transition is exciting as we look towards the future.  Bound together by a love of this place we call our church home, our shared commitment to Holy Innocents will take us far in our search for a ...READ MORE >