Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Rector's Corner

New Life

May 16, 2019

Easter is more than one day in Palestine 2,000 years ago. Easter as a season lasts 50 days. Easter is a way of life for us Christians. We tend to hope when things look lost. We have a tenacious belief that death does not get the final say. We...

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Imaginative Shock

Apr 24, 2019

Imaginative shock. The Rev. Dr. Urban Holmes, past Dean of Sewanee’s School of Theology, wrote a book called Ministry and Imagination in which he carefully and technically laid out the ideas behind this term. For close to thirty pages he...

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Come and See

Apr 04, 2019

Without a vision, the people perish.Proverbs 29:18Proverbs 29:18 is one of my favorite and most powerful passages of scripture. I have heard it preached brilliantly by a young preacher named Michael Curry in 1992, long before he became the...

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Welcome Home, Old Friend

Mar 11, 2019

So much energy for Lent is focused on repentance and sin that we often forget the reason for the season. The goal is to be in right and healthful relationship with God and one another. We talk about sin because it is what fractures and breaks...

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