Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Rector's Corner


Feb 05, 2020

We are pilgrims on the journeyWe are travelers on the roadWe are here to help each otherWalk the mile and bear the loadThe Servant Song For the first 20 or more years of our faith, followers of Jesus were known simply as Followers of the Way...

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Church of the Atonement

Dec 17, 2019

60 years ago, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church chose to help grow the kingdom of God by working to plant two congregations. Those communities would become Church of the Atonement and St. Peter and St. Paul Episcopal Church. Both of those...

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Seasonal Changes

Nov 26, 2019

I have been with you for 17 months now. In that time, I have tried to listen more than talk, hear more than share, understand more than teach. I have learned a great deal about Holy Innocents as a community and about many of you. I will continue...

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Advent 2019

Nov 20, 2019

The Church has always been a little “strange.” God calls us to live a little differently than the rest of the world. He calls us to be the leaven that raises the world to new heights. God calls us to be the salt that gives this world...

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Oct 29, 2019

On April 11, 2019, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that our own Sandy Springs is the most diverse city in Georgia. Before I go too far down this path, I want to note that the rankings were done by WalletHub and combine five key areas...

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