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  • The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray
  • Jun 16, 2020
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One of the questions I have gotten a lot recently goes something like this: “Bill, why don’t we see you every week in the chapel on Sundays?” Trust me, it feels very weird to me too. I love sitting with my family watching a service, but I very much feel like I should be at church.

The answer is simple. To be safe. The mandatory quarantine time for anyone exposed to someone infected with COVID-19 is 14 days. So, if I was exposed to someone with the virus and came to church, the entire worship team that day would not be available for two weeks. We rotate to limit exposure of the clergy and to have options should one group be exposed. Holy Innocents’ is blessed with a gifted and varied clergy team. Our scheduled rotation allows everyone to get a turn and, most importantly, to be safe.