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Faithful Stewards- Step Up in Faith

  • The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray
  • Oct 03, 2019
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My sons, Mose and Abe, love superheroes. They loved them before they could watch the ubiquitous movies. They have just adored the larger than life characters since they were little. Mose loved the Incredible Hulk. Abe loved your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. Stan Lee, one of the titans of the comic book world and creator of Spiderman, ended the first story with the now iconic line, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I haven’t had the heart to tell Abe that his superhero uses scripture for his best line.

Stan Lee was paraphrasing the parable of the Faithful Steward (Luke 12:35-48). This story is not one people know well. It is not a warm and fuzzy tale. The story speaks of being awake and watchful lest God arrives in the night. Even non-literal Episcopalians tend to get anxious and worried about preparation during all hours. The line borrowed for Spiderman is Jesus’ final words of the story, “to everyone to whom much is given, much shall be required from him.” The comic book version is a little catchier, but the idea is clear in both iterations.

We have all been given a great deal- maybe not the ability to climb walls and swing to the rescue or thwart all evil but gifts nonetheless. We have been given people who love and care for us, lives filled with blessings large and small, and even a God willing to live and die for us. Jesus’ invitation is to work to align all that we have towards God’s call on our lives. We are called to be Faithful Stewards, to care for our time, for our families, for our church, and for our money. Our whole lives are to be a living witness to all that God has given us. We have all been given abundant grace that overflows with a million gifts. We have been given much. We are required to do much with it by caring for it as a gift.

The goal of the Stewardship Committee this year is to be Faithful Stewards. We want to raise our collective giving to grow Holy Innocents’. With this blog you will find a chart of the level of giving for our pledges. Over 55% of our pledged budget comes from the 20% of givers on the top three steps. Our largest group is those who do not pledge at all. This is a disproportionate chart. We need to Step Up in Faith together as Faithful Stewards. We need each and every member to strive to give in proportion to our gifts. We ask that each of us consider how very much God has given and work to step up our giving to the next level.

Check out HI's Step Up Chart by clicking HERE

Our Pledge In-gathering Sunday will be Sunday, October 27. We ask that everyone bring their pledge and place it in a basket at the altar where it will be blessed. To be clear, the process would be a moment in each service where, hopefully, everyone comes forward to place their pledge in a basket at the altar. The idea is that Holy Innocents’ thrives when the whole community is gathered in God’s name and shares their gifts with one another. We don’t have to be a superhero to be part of God’s kingdom. We don’t have to stay up all night waiting for Jesus’ to come in the morning. But we have been given a great many gifts and we are called to be Faithful Stewards. Please prayerfully consider giving generously to Step Up in Faith and grow our community together!