Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church


Rector's Corner


  • The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray
  • Jun 16, 2020
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Technology is one of the areas of the church that we knew needed work entering 2020. No one realized how much we would need it to work immediately on March 15 with our first recorded service.

Thanks to the repeated and detailed work of Jess Ruiz, our Communications Assistant and Graphic Designer, we have managed to get almost all of our worship services up and running from the church and the individual homes of our clergy. It has been an admittedly patchwork process of using our existing technology with a variety of systems. Dr. Sean Vogt, our Director of Music, has a strong background with Apple-based programs and technology. Between the two of them, we have learned a great deal in a short time.

While that has been happening, we have been addressing our technology on three different but important fronts. First, we have gotten bids for our I.T. (Information Technology) contract. This contract, that we hope to sign in the next week, will help us with our internet and wireless contract (which needs boosting), computers, phones, and technology issues. Second, we have been getting bids for upgrading our cameras, streaming programs for online services, and sound systems. This is an expensive but important part of the puzzle for how we will move forward as a parish. Finally, we are also getting bids for revamping our website, branding, online giving, and general internet presence.

If none of the previous paragraphs makes sense, do not worry. What we are working on is making sure that folks can join our church both online and in-person with greater ease. Technology is an important part of our work and ministry in the world. Our work to improve our use of technology will allow us to grow better as God’s church.