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Christmas Eve @ the Drive-In

  • The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray
  • Dec 10, 2020
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Holy Innocents’ will be at The Springs Cinema & Taphouse for Christmas Eve! This is a first for all of us, and we wanted to answer some possible questions you may have about this upcoming event. RSVP form for our drive-in service is now LIVE! Scroll to the bottom to sign up today.


We hope you will join us for this wonderful celebration.

Will the service be live?
No. The service will be pre-recorded and shown on the screen. It will be the same service previewed on Facebook and YouTube on Christmas Eve at 6 PM.

How many people can be there? There are just over 100 parking spaces for cars to watch the drive-in. Some folks will have their whole family in one car. In other instances, we will have 2 or even one. We are not suggesting the clown-car model of packing people into one vehicle but we do hope to have one vehicle for each family to maximize the number of folks who can gather (and yes we have the Bishop’s permission to social distance with the drive-in!)

How will it work? We will show the recorded service on the 40-foot screen and there will be speakers to roll down your windows and listen or you can tune to FM 89.5 on your radio for a simulcast for audio. Some folks like to stay in their car, bring a blanket and sit in the back of a pick-up, or even bring a chair or two to sit outside and watch.

What about the weather? Pray for a clear evening. If it rains, we will not likely be able to have the service. This is the one, significant risk of a drive-in. As long as it is not super messy, we will likely gather, sing, pray, and celebrate together on this sacred night.

So we can sing? Yes. You can sing in your car right along to the radio.

What about singing Silent Night by candlelight? Bring a candle and we will bring the fire. Just be careful with an open flame in your car!

Is there a charge? No. While we are not charging anyone, there is considerable expense in renting the theater for an exclusive show. If you are able, the church would happily accept a donation to cover those costs.

What else? The idea is to find a creative and joyful way to gather as a community united in faith. Decorate your car if you like, show up and sing with the windows rolled-up, set up with chairs, masks, and watch with joy. We ask that anyone outside their cars wear a mask and maintain 6-foot distances. Otherwise, please join us as we hear again the story of angels and shepherds and a child in Bethlehem.

*** RSVP for our Christmas Eve at the drive-in by clicking HERE