Women's Wisdom Circle


Every Monday, 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

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Contact: Abbie Hittauer

The Wisdom Circle at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church in Atlanta, GA is a community of reflection and friendship and is always open to drawing the circle wider.

Each weekend, people who subscribe to our blog and women in the Wisdom Circle receive notification of an image and a wisdom quote. Our Monday morning gathering is a place of quiet, honesty, trust, laughter, and sharing of our responses wherever they take us. Our intent is to come to this gathering with open hearts and souls in order to be part of the beauty, wisdom, sadness, joy, concern, and quietness of the ages and to share as we are moved.

Our hope is to leave the Wisdom Circle transformed to be more intentional in our living – to be kinder, more respectful and understanding of ourselves and others, and to be more purposeful in the healing of God’s world.

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