Lenten Meditations

2024 Lenten
Meditation Booklet
2023 Lenten
Meditations Booklet

Note from Bill

Friends, we come again to Lent, 40 days to focus on our relationship with God and one another. More than a few scholars and teachers have noted that it works out to a tithe of our year. We are to give of our resources to the church and those in need. God is pretty clear that God has no interest in our money without a deep connection to our heart. These reflections are a powerful window into that better relationship to God and one another.

These meditations are from the staff and seminarians. Stewart, Ruth, and I all see Lent as an invitation to go deeper in our faith. We need to work to listen to and love those folks who are around us. We need to find ways to hear and love God in action in the world given to us.

For Lent, the Outreach Committee is always working to invite us to focus on reaching others. We will be collecting shoes for the Church of the Common Ground. There will be speakers during Formation to guide us in understanding the needs and ways to respond. More than anything, we are called to do what we can. 

Take time. Read these reflections. Act on them in the world today. 

God loves you. God wants you to love others.

Bill +

-The Rev. Dr. Bill Murray, Rector