Open Minds, Full Hearts. 

The Episcopal Church draws on two thousand years of tradition and practice for our prayers and common worship.
We are a liturgical church community that has a written and repeated pattern of worship that reflects God's character in this time and place. 

Sunday Worship 

We explore, understand, and live the purpose God has for our lives today through prayer, song, and praise.

8:00 AM

Early Service

10:15 AM 

Family Service

1:00 PM

Spanish Service

6:00 PM

Celtic Service


Sermons and Messages

Each week listen to a message preached from the lectionary.



We use the Book of Common Prayer, a collection of prayers ancient and modern, to join together in praising our God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. How we pray shapes our beliefs and guides us in our daily lives. Since changing our lives towards God’s values takes work, we repeat these prayers until we can say them from memory.

Upcoming Events