Open Minds, Full Hearts.

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The teenage years are an emotional rollercoaster that brings questions of confidence, identity, and faith. Our student ministry provides a safe environment that helps our middle and high school students become young men and women of God. Through experiences that deepen their faith, connections are formed that last a lifetime. Consider joining our youth family on this wild ride.

Megan Atkinson | Director of Children, Youth, and Families

Opportunities for Youth

Junior Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

Students in grades 6-8 meet every third and fourth Sunday of the month. On the third Sunday, we focus on building relationships through fun and silly events such as a trip to Six Flags or zombie night. On the fourth Sunday, we enjoy dinner together and explore interesting theological topics using small groups.

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Senior Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

Students in grades 9-12 meet every fourth Sunday of the month to have dinner and discuss interesting theological topics in small groups. This group also meets several times throughout the school year for special events such as the fall camping trip, trivia night, and a trip to Studio Movie Grill!

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Our youth can jump in on this opportunity anytime between 6th-12th grade and have training classes available for them throughout the school year. They enjoy fun perks such as pizza parties, pool parties, and an award ceremony at the end of the year!

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